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  Reverse Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Machine

Hexagonal wire mesh weaving machines adopt straight-reverse twisted principle, do not need to make the iron wire into spring type, so work efficiency is increased so that can work continuously. The models such as: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2", 3", 80x100 mm or at the customer's requirement.

Hexagonal wire mesh machine has the following features:
1. Max. speed can be 65 mesh per minute, speed can be adjusted with different raw materials.
2. Smooth operation, low noise. It will give an alarm at broken wire, broken mesh or at preset length.
3. Big width. It can weave double 1.25 m or single 2.5 m width.
4. Even and flat openings, wire can be added at any spot when weaving.
5. It has clutch brake device, can move by spot, flexible operation and has no high demand for operating personnel.
6. Reliable lubrication and convenient use.
7. Durable and strong, convenient maintenance.

We also provide fittings for weaving machines and thread spool machine. We may also design machines according to customers' particular requirements. Timely delivery & guaranteed quality.

Reverse Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Machine Hexagonal Wire Netting


Max. wooden width: 2440mm (single) or 1200mm (double)
Theoretic producing speed: 38mesh/minute
Machine size: 4500*2200*1450mm
Gross weight: 4.6T

Model: CAN-3/4"
Mesh opening: 19mm
Wirediameter: 1.2mm

Model: CAN-5/8"
Mesh opening: 16mm
Wirediameter: 1.2mm

Model: CAN-1/2"
Mesh opening: 13mm
Wirediameter: 1.2mm

Model: CAN-1"
Mesh opening: 27mm
Wirediameter: 1.2mm

Model: CAN-1 1/4"
Mesh opening: 32mm
Wirediameter: 1.2mm

Model: CAN-1 1/2"
Mesh opening: 44mm
Wirediameter: 1.4mm

Model: CAN-2"
Mesh opening: 56mm
Wirediameter: 1.4mm

Model: CAN-3"
Mesh opening: 76mm
Wirediameter: 1.8mm


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